What do you recommend to get started? 

We recommend a 30-minute Introductory Session to build a baseline profile within HitTrax for our 9 years and older players.  We work with you to create a profile and measure swings off the Tee and Simulator.  Baseline numbers can be used as a starting point to measure improvement over time.  This will give you a chance to meet our staff , see our facility, and o decide what is the most appropriate next steps.  Player younger than 9 unless they are comfortable hitting off a pitching machine might be better suited to start with a lesson from one of our coaches.   



What ages are appropriate? 

No age is inappropriate!  We work with all skill levels- from tee ball to the pros.  If you,  or your child,  can swing a bat and have an interest in baseball-we’d love to help!    

Kids, as young as four, enjoy our base training cage hitting balls into the projected image in any stadium you choose.  There are several games to choose from, or just taking batting practice is a great experience when combined with HitTrax.   

Older players that are looking to refine their skills will get a lot out of our analysis tools and video capabilities,  in addition to our pitching machines being able to throw almost any pitch to any location with the touch of a screen.  



Do you have options for softball players? 

Absolutely!  All our HitTrax cages work exactly the same with baseball and softball.  All the same data and analysis can be gathered.  Our simulators only work with baseballs, however we have a top of the line Hack Attack Jr. pitching machine that works great with softballs.  This machine has to be hand fed so bring a friend or one of our staff will be happy to help out.   


Do you have parking? 

There is metered parking all along Lawrence Avenue.   The neighborhood is only zoned from 9:00-11:00am M-F- Most our business hours have free street parking anywhere in the neighborhood. The angled spots on Artesian are not zoned/free to park.   


What should I wear? 

For lessons:  light colored clothing works best for video analysis against our dark background to be able to capture body movement.   

In general- athletic clothing that is easy to move in.  Regular gym shoes or turf shoes are great options for footwear. No cleats,  please.   

What are the differences in the Cages? 

Cage 1:  Our half Base Training Cage is the most visually appealing.  In this cage you hit into a projected image of the HitTrax Stadiums, letting you see the results of your swing in real time.  You will play against an age-appropriate computer simulated defense,  recording hits and outs.  This cage offers the immersive batting experience and is a favorite at all ages.  This cage is also a great option to get in Tee or Soft Toss work in an entertaining environment.   

Cage 2 & 3:   These are a fully loaded cages with our Video Pitching Simulators and with Hittrax.   These cages offer all the benefits of Hittrax from Gaming to Batting Practice in addition to the most state of the are pitching machines around.  Everything is touch screen controlled so we will have you up to speed in not time on how to use everything.  

What games do you offer?  

All our HitTrax Games are included with Cage Rentals. They include: Home Run Derby, Quality Hit Point Battle, Simulated 9 inning game, Situational Hitting, Around the World, and a Skills Challenge.  


Do you offer Group packages?  

We offer packages for small groups.  Due to our limited space, we limit groups to 6 players. Our recommended size is 6, but in some cases we can make 8 work.  Just give us a call and we can discuss it! 


Do you work with Teams? 

Due to our limited space, we can only accommodate groups of 6 at a time. We are happy to set up a whole team practice, or assessment,  but a whole team will require a two hour block. 


Do you rent out the entire facility? 

Yes! You can rent the whole facility.  Please call for more information. 


Can you explain more about the Assessments? 

HitTrax Baseline Assessments (30 minutes) are highly recommended  for your first visit to establish your baseline numbers as a starting point to measure your growth as a player over time. The assessment will consist of collecting data off the tee and simulators. We will spend time reviewing your data to look for trends that you can apply to your training immediately.  In addition, we will capture video and look for immediate areas of improvement.  Follow up Baseline assessments can be completed on your own during a regular cage rental or as part of a lesson.  This assessment is the best starting point and can be followed by a lesson if you are ready to jump right in.  


Pelotero Assessment (30 minutes)- What if you could provide your player a custom plan without spending way too many hours digging through data?  In just 20-30 minutes, you can complete a Pelotero Hitting Assessment on HitTrax. We’ll immediately provide your score results and top priorities so you can start making improvements.  Pelotero will help you communicate strengths & weaknesses with your hitters, then custom build their 4 week hitting plan that you can work on at home or in our facility. This data can also be used to build your custom hitting program in seconds. You’ll be amazed how fast player behavior changes when they have a program built just for them.  This assessment is a great option for someone looking to build a guided at home training program.  


Platinum Assessments– These are booked in one hour intervals but may take several sessions to complete.  This is a much more in-depth assessment that will utilize all of the latest technology including HitTrax, bat sensors, pressure plates, 3D motion sensors,  high speed video and vision tracking glasses.  This is a custom service that we are happy to build around your specific needs.  This is the best option for the player who wants to dive into the details and get as much information as possible. We would recommend completing the baseline assessment prior to booking this service.   



Is SwingScience interested in franchising? 

If you are interested in opening a SwingScience location,  please let us know.  While we have only been open a short while we do have plans to expand in the near future.