Maximize Your Potential Maximize Your Potential Maximize Your Potential
Maximize Your Potential
With Data Driven Training
Maximize Your Potential
With Data Driven Training
Maximize Your Potential
With Data Driven Training
Assess | Batting Assessment | SwingScience


Come in for an Assessment which will be performed with Hittrax, 3D motion capturing, Swing Sensors and pressure plates

Train | Baseball Training Program | Softball Training Program


We will build a training program tailored to your goals which can be done in our facility or at home

Evaluate | Chicago Batting Cages


Follow our 4-6 week program and take a second assesment to measure your progress

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ProBatter Pitching Simulators | Chicago Batting Cages
Baseball Data Driven Training | Baseball Simulator | SwingScience
Pitching Simulator Cage | SwingScience Hitting Lab

SwingScience Hitting Lab

What is Data Driven Training?

Data Driven Training is a method of training that utilizes the latest technologies to identify areas of improvement in a player’s swing.  We are able to capture 3D swing motion, weight shift, stride length, bat path,  launch angle, and exit velocity, among many other metrics. 


We can help you develop a plan to improve deficiencies or you can take the information to use on your own as a benchmark for measured improvement.  While we would love to have you train with us we are happy to give you all the data to hold yourself and your instructor accountable. Our goal is to give you the measuring stick for your performance and let you decide what path is best for you.

Private Baseball Training Chicago | Private Softball Training Chicago

Our Ideal process can be completed by

Following Some Simple Steps

Initial Evaluation | Hitting Evaluation | SwingScience

Initial Evaluation

Come in for your initial evaluation and see what areas need the most work. We have several evaluation options available based on the level and goals of the player.

Build Your Program | Custom Baseball Training Programs

Build Your Program

We will build a program based on your availability, budget and goals. We believe heavily in the benefits of tee work so much of the program can be done anywhere.

Baseball Data Driven Training | Baseball Simulator | SwingScience


Follow the Program at home or our facility. At the facility our tools can give you feedback on each swing you take. Our programs are designed to allow you flexibility with where you get the work in.

Measure Improvement | SwingScience Hitting Lab

Measure Improvement

Once you have completed the program come in for a second evaluation and see your improvement with real data.


Jr. Training Cage with HitTrax

Starting from

$30 1/2 hr

Pitching Simulator and HitTrax Cage

Starting from

$40 1/2 hr

Private Instruction

Starting from

$60 1/2 hr

Swing Evaluation

Starting from

$75 1/2 hr