What is HitTrax

HitTrax Wrigley Field SwingScience

HitTrax® is a baseball and softball simulation system that provides a powerful combination of performance data and entertainment value. HitTrax® designed the system with (1) the goal to revolutionize the game by providing advanced metrics across all facets and levels of the game and (2) to create an engaging experience that will allow players to interact with the game in a way never before possible. HitTrax® accurately measures the speed and trajectory of the ball while calculating the realistic outcome. Players are playing in their favorite stadium while practicing their swing and competing with their friends. Welcome to Complete Game of PA’s HitTrax® performance training. Come in and start your HitTrax® training today.

What does HitTrax® do for our players?

  • HitTrax® enables our players to see direct statistics vital to becoming a higher little league, collegiate or professional level hitter
  • The results allow players to learn and correct their swing immediately
  • The program gives players a better visual and mental idea of what their swing should look and feel like while they are practicing
  • The metrics captured in real-time and displayed immediately are:
    • Exit Velocity
    • Launch Angle
    • Distance
    • Point of Impact
    • Play Outcome
    • Strike Zone Analysis
    • High Speed Video with integrated metrics

HitTrax® Lessons and Baseline Testing

Schedule an initial 30 minute training session to capture your baseline metrics, such as  exit velocity, launch angle and point of impact. The initial baseline test will be conducted by a staff member through a series of tee swings, front toss and live swings to determine overall swing mechanics.

Players can schedule HitTrax lessons to start tracking their progress with each HitTrax® training session. Players, parents and coaches will recognize detailed aspects of the player’s swing and work to make the needed adjustments. A report is generated each time summarizing the gains accomplished for each measured metric and calculated statistic and distances.

Each HitTrax® lesson session will:

  • Measure your bat exit speed, launch angle and more with real-time ball trajectory simulation
  • Create a powerful and consistent bat path to the ball
  • Work on connecting your upper and lower half and see your swing improve and the results are reflected by the stats produced by the computer system
  • Allows players to see where they stand amongst other players in their age group as stats are automatically uploaded into a database.

Entertainment Mode

Complete Game offers the entertainment mode to our VIP Members. Outside teams renting in the winter should inquire about this add on service. Here is how it works.

The entertainment module sets a creative basis for players to use and explore different aspects of baseball in your favorite college or professional ballpark. Whether it be a 2 inning game, home run derby, hitting contest or batting practice with friends, the HitTrax® entertainment mode offers it all for players. The competitions are fast paced to keep everyone involved, which leads to a quicker turnaround time, allowing more players to experience our HitTrax® entertainment. “Our VIP members are constantly in our HitTrax® cage maximizing the # of swings they can get with each session”.

Gaming Module

Complete Game offers Complete Game Travel Teams and our VIP Members the ability to play baseball games in the HitTrax® Gaming Module. Here is how it works.

This module is a ‘pay as you play option’ costing $5.00 per single scheduled games. Our members can build teams with a group of players (we recommend 2-4 players) to play games against each other. The program will lead the two teams through a game by automatically calling balls & strikes (based on an individual player’s height), advancing base runners and turning double plays. Individual and team statistics as well as leaderboards are automatically recorded and can be emailed directly to the players from within the program. A typical 9-inning games can last between 30 to 45 minutes. Six innings/30 minutes games are available for a faster turnaround or to accommodate games within hitting leagues follow scheduled times.


HitTrax® computer hitting tournaments are a great way to get competitive game at-bats which play an important role in player development. It also allows players to have fun while being involved in competition. The field is scaled to your age. The tournaments are played at MLB stadiums and college fields. Players can enter Complete Game tournaments and outside HitTrax® tournaments. A typical Complete Game tournament would be run with:

  • Each team will consist of 3-6 players
  • Game lengths may vary based on number of teams and allotted timeslot
  • Tournaments will typically be a 3 game guarantee with the top teams advancing to a playoff bracket
  • Use the pitching simulator or live pitching
  • Maximum number of total players participating in a tournament should be 24
  • Champions may receive a prize depending upon the individual tournament format
  • Cost: Varies per tournament

Call today to set up a tournament for your outside group or look for an upcoming Complete Game tournament.


Join one of our HitTrax® leagues for youth, high school and adult players. Please call to enter your team or ask about an upcoming league.

  • Each league will typically consist of 6-8 teams with 4-5 players on each team
  • Each team must be similar ages, but the league can have varying age groups, since HitTrax® can scale the field based on the age group of the team
  • Games are 9 innings, with no new inning starting after 45 minutes
  • Games played per week depends on the number of teams, but a typical league would play two games per week over a few weeks with the top 4 teams playing an additional week of playoffs
  • A champion will be crowned with each player on the winning team receiving a free spot in a future league within the next year
  • Cost: Varies per tournament