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What is SwingScience

We are the premier technology and data-driven batting cage facility in Chicago – based right in the Lincoln Square Neighborhood.  Combine our ProBatter Pitching Simulators with the advanced HitTrax technology and you have the most realistic batting experience in the Chicago area! Take batting practice to the next level against a digital pitcher while playing in any MLB stadium.

When you step up to the plate at SwingScience, you have control of the digital pitcher and decide exactly how fast to throw or the location you want to work on. This is one of the benefits of facing a simulator instead of standard pitching machine.  At SwingScience the pitching feels like the real deal with unmatched accuracy. This allows the player to focus on improving their swing and timing. Our high-definition simulated pitching machines – the same ones used by the pros for training.  Our facility allows players to develop timing that is unmatched by any traditional pitching machine.

We are dedicated to pushing the cutting edge in training and technology.  We understand that technology will never replace live instruction but it is a outstanding tool when paired with great coaching.  Our goal is to help bridge the gap between players and coaches to help them understand the what and the why.  We are here to make training fun and exciting through technology and capture data along the way to identify areas for improvement.  We also understand that budget can be a factor which is why many of our training programs are designed to guide home workouts as part of the process so repetitions are not dependent on paying facility fees to get a workout in.